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Char ClassesOptions

Max Variety

This option contols the number of different character allowed to be merged to a RE position covered to be yet considered eligible for being an instantiation if a given character class.
Max Variety may be used to make excessive merging more costly. For example, one may define to word letter classes, one having Cost=2 and Max_Variety=2 while another one with Cost=4 and Max Variety=200. In this case merging more than two word characters into one position ('[abc]' vs. [ab]) will be discouraged by adding an additional penalty of 2.

Display Variety

A character class may be represented at a given RE position either with an enumeration of characters that were seen occuring at this position (say, '[xyz]') or with an abstract building block specified for the character class (say, '\d'). Display Variety controls this decision. If the variety volume of characters seen at a position is equal or greater than this parameter value then an abstract form is preferred. Otherwise a concrete enumeration is to occur.

Branch char

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